Sapphire Corporation tends to be the familiar choice when it comes to carpet planks. We offer international brands of carpet plank, which are easy to install with little or no additional tools. Carpet planks are common not only in commercial areas, but also in residential applications.
Carpet planks with loop pile construction are often known to have demanding heavy traffic utility and hence they are ideal for residential, industrial or corporate buildings, not just that they look great in corridors and reception areas too. Customers, both retail and wholesale, have sought Sapphire Corporation for the best quality carpet planks. As a leading supplier and dealer of floor carpet planks in Chennai, we ensure that we have the wide range of colors, designs and patterns of carpet planks.

Advantages of floor carpet planks
• With the demand for modern office environments growing, flexibility to accommodate frequent layout changes is increasing. Floor carpet planks lets you quickly adapt to new requirements
• Easy accessibility of telephone, electrical and other under floor systems in floor carpet planks installed areas
• Floor carpet planks lets you reinvent the interior space with little cost or reduced cost
• Innovative and creative designs can be achieved with the varied styles and themes of carpet planks available at Sapphire Corporation
• Instant installation with little effort and less requirement of professional tools for installation
• Low wastage on installation and even when damaged or soiled floor carpet planks are reinstalled
• A complete solution for flooring is available at Sapphire Corporation with high quality floor carpet planks that have longer lifespan

We assure you that from various brands of carpet planks available with us, you are sure to have great flexibility in selecting your desired choice with whatever the specification you want and within whatever budget you think.
At Sapphire Corporation, we cover the complete need of flooring solution to satisfy our customers. For this choice, we have the various types of interlocking carpet planks, or the self adhesive carpet planks, or the glue free carpet planks.