Modern buildings have an elegant harmony of beautiful structural building that is augmented by architectural glass structures. Enhanced usage of glass and its applications in new construction has increased the demand for innovative glass fittings. As the leading supplier and dealer to retailers and wholesalers in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation is known in the industry to provide the best quality door set glass fittings. Sapphire Corporation is the trusted partner for premium glass fitting component for construction engineers and architects. In fact we offer better building solutions for corporate and residential buildings.

The demand for glass fittings has grown ever since glass architectural buildings have become common in our world. Particularly, in the case of residential or commercial building segments there is a need for a wide range of door control and glass fittings. From lever locks and handles, glass fittings for doors, facades, balustrade, and glass doors, Sapphire Corporation offers the complete glass fitting solution. Sapphire Corporation offers the best glass fittings right from lever locks and handles to clamps for glass doors. Apart from the functional excellence, the door set glass fittings from Sapphire Corporation also offers great ambience to the interior.

Door set glass fittings from Sapphire Corporation conveys the right feel to the atmosphere besides making a style statement.

Door Set glass fittings from Sapphire Corporation
• Door set glass fittings are made from high quality material
• High durability reflects in each and every door set glass fittings
• Offer the advantage of excellent design and exceptional functionality
• Crafted with perfection to provide the precision needed, our door set glass fittings offer easy installation
• Impertinent to excessive opening force or rough handling
• Successfully subjected to strict endurance tests, door set glass fittings from Sapphire Corporation are long lasting for years

Sapphire Corporation offers the complete set of architectural hardware commonly used for precision glass fittings. Architects and interior decorators greatly rely on Sapphire Corporation for providing the perfect door system for glass fittings.

Come to us and get the best door set glass fittings for your project. Our expert team is awaiting to serve you better every time you step in.